Early Voting Totals Healthy in Tulsa County

As the sun was setting on the third and final day of early voting, the line to get in and do it was shrinking.

"The longest people have had to wait is about 30 minutes," said election official Patty Bryant. Her staff kept the folks moving quicker than half-off night at a buffet.

"We've passed 10,600 for the three day voting," she said.

And with six o'clock posted on the banner as closing time, someone would soon be the last early voter. Would it be the guy walking in with less than 5 minutes left? Or the mother and child coming in under the wire? Whoever it would be, there would be one person behind them.

"I'm the guy at the end of the line," said Tulsa Sheriff's Deputy Mark Facey, prepared to be the bearer of bad news to the person arriving at 6:01, while relating the good news that he voted this afternoon.

"Makes me feel that I've done my civic duty, that's what I put on Facebook," he said.

And sure enough, there he was with an "I Voted" sticker smack dab in the middle of his forehead. Meanwhile, with just seconds to spare...

29 year-old David Young, walked in the door, ready to spill his guts about who he voted for and why.

"I'd really prefer not to talk about that, sorry," he said.

Ok, well, that's his right, and let's just be happy he cared enough to vote.

"Sorry this is kind of a boring interview," he laughed.