Eating Tulsa: A Claremore Tradition

One of the great things about an old-fashioned chicken fried steak, is the fact that it's a classic comfort food.

It's like a Sunday afternoon at grandma's house.

There's a place in Claremore, that gives you that feeling, right down to the wallpaper.

The folks at the Hammett House say family hospitality, is the focus of their entire operation.

Owners Bill and Linda Biard has 123 seats and they say the customers who fill them are a priority

Linda says a family atmosphere is crucial.

"It's our home, so when I train a hostess, I say make em feel at home.

They're coming into our home and you need to greet em and feel like they're welcome.

Bill says a chicken fried steak is often a part of a regular's routine.

"It's a good old cube steak.

We'll dust it with flour and season well, with Hammett House seasonings.

Then it's into a buttermilk-egg wash, then more flower.

Then we tenderize it by hand."

After about 5 minutes of bubbling, in scalding-hot oil, It comes to the top-golden brown.

After the steak is rested for a couple minutes, it's plated-up home style.

The gravy goes underneath, so customers can see the spiced crust.

The Biards simply enjoy feeding their big, extended family.

So if you go away hungry, its your fault.

Linda says we should all eat what we want, from time to time.

She says you can look at a chicken fry as mental health food.

"If I'm having a bad day or the weather is bad, that's my go to and I think it's true of a lot of people."

Linda says if all that goodness makes you feel guilty, you can eat half and take the rest home.

They have plenty of carry-out boxes.