Eating Tulsa: A Classic Road House

In our search for the perfect chicken fried steak, we're on the road to Vinita on Route-66.

Clanton's is a classic road house, that's been run by the same family for four generations.

Since the 1920's, members of they've been providing a warm atmosphere and hot food along the Mother Road.

Melissa Patrick's great grandfather started during the depression.

His was nicknamed "Sweet Tater" and they're carrying on his country cooking legacy.

She says it hasn't happened by accident.

"It's lasted and its been in the family, because the family always works it.

We just decided it wasn't going down on our shift.

We don't want to be the ones who sell out or whatever.

That stubborn attitude and the staff's friendliness, give the place a real personality and a global following.

Melissa's husband, Dennis, put out a guest book to track the customers.

The list includes people from Russia, Southeast Asia and most of Europe.

The chicken fried steak has always been their signature dish and that isn't likely to

Dennis, says he often gets people, who claim to be chicken fry fanatics.

"I love those guys.

They say I'm the world expert on chicken fried steak.

I just tell em to sit down, shut up and enjoy.

It's uncomplicated goodness, that hasn't changed over the years.

Their chicken fry is easy on the batter and fried on the grill, to give it a lighter taste.

The philosophy and the cooking are very simple.

Dennis says they don't do frozen or packaged.

"Everything we do here, we do from scratch!

There's a little love thrown in, which I think adds to the flavor profile."

If you want to try their food, exit I-44 at Vinita and head west on Route-66.

Look for the red sign with big-white letters.

They spell out EAT.