Eating Tulsa: A Jumbo Burger With Music

There aren't many greasy spoons with live music to go along with their burgers

But at Bill's Jumbo Burger you can get a 20th century sandwich, that's served up with modern inspiration.

Tim Johnson is the cook and singer in this family business.

He sings a constant stream of current Christian songs as he grills the burgers.

Tim says it's almost automatic.

" God puts in my heart and I just stand here and sing all day. You get your spirit filled and your belly at the same time."

His sister Teresa does her part by keeping the customers happy, because that's how they've always done things.

Their parents started the place when their dad left the Marines in 1960.

So they've both worked here their entire lives.

As a result Teresa says they take a lot of pride in their jumbo burgers.

"We care about em we don't want anything going out of here that no one's going to eat."

She says they're not sure why their burgers have created such a religious following.

Their best guess is the fact, that they've been providing friendly service on the same corner for so long.

Over more than 50-years that have several generations of families who love their food.

Their featured burger is a double that's big, messy and good.

It's made of 80% lean ground chuck, with onions that are grilled underneath the patties.

While Bill's is a weekday lunch place, they're now open many Saturdays.

So if you're in the area give them a try.

Their place is at 2002 Admiral Blvd, just east of Lewis.