Eating Tulsa: A West Tulsa Classic

The most unusual of the classic burger joints we're featuring this week is Linda-Mar Hamburgers in Southwest Tulsa.

The restaurant is tucked away on a dead end street just northeast of I-44 and Union.

It's also features a burger, that's different from the rest.

They're very proud of their Westside Burger.

Employee Jonna Hilton says the best and greasiest burger in town.

"When you bite into it, you can get it all over your face."

That kind of attitude has made Linda-Mar the oldest survivor, in a long line of west side burger joints.

Jonna says they also claim the best hospitality west of the Arkansas.

"We're full of laughter and smiles and we're all to have a good time and we're all a big family.

We want everyone to feel like they're part of our the family."

Owner Mike McCutchen say the Westside Burger is 2-big patties of fresh beef, with double cheese, on well-grilled Texas toast.

He says they're also proud of their side orders.

"Our servings since is tremendous we give 2 to 3 times the amount of fries or tots of anyone else does."

The Linda Mar also offers up the most unusual entertainment in town, with classic black and white TV programs.

Every day the Andy Griffith Show is playing in the dining room.

His brothers started the tradition years ago and the customers won't let him change.

McCutchen says Linda-Mar isn't changing either. They'll stay where they are and keep cranking out big baskets of food for hungry people.