Eating Tulsa: An East Side Burger Tradition

If you're looking for old-school burgers you can't go wrong on East Admiral Boulevard.

It's home to two of the places we're featuring this week.

Hanks hamburgers is located near the Mingo traffic circle.

The owners have a lot of love for their work.

The sound of sizzling beef makes hearts beat a little faster at this historic burger stand.

There's a deep affection that goes way back on a number of different levels.

In 1949, Hank Henry and his wife Ruby, opened the place down at 11th and Frisco.

They then move out east, in 1955.

Current owner Dennis Felts says it's a special place to him.

"I started dating my wife when I was in 8th grade and she was in 7th and we used to come here on dates. It really means a lot of keep everything exactly the same."

The front of the place has been unchanged for almost 60-years ago.

They added-on seating in the back, but otherwise its the same.

The food reflect that heart-felt appreciation for what's important.

His wife Marilyn will tell you, with a smile, that their work is a lot like marriage.

You love each other and help each other, but it has it's challenges.

"I think it took us that long to get along."

I feel I'm the calm person he's the one that panics"

They both say they feel blessed and as it turns out, so do a lot of the people who love their burgers.

Their local customers include five generations of some families, but Marilyn says that's only the start of their fan base.

"I think there's been people in here from all over the state, from Italy, Germany and Spain.

People who don't know what okra or a tater tot is."

They'll cook and dress your burger to order.

I did the 1950's classic double.

That's with cheese grill-in onions, mustard, lettuce and pickle.

It was very good and very juicy.

All that love and tradition has brought Hank's national attention.

They were named the #1 burger in Oklahoma by U.S.A. Today.