Eating Tulsa: Chicken Fried Steak 1950's Style

Tally's Good Food Cafe offers a chicken fried steak, that goes back to the time before interstate highways and air-conditioned cars.

In keeping with that theme, we're chowing down 1950's style on historic Route 66.

But these days, if you want to get a chicken fry at 11th and Yale, you'll need to overcome some obstacles.

Elaborate road construction is underway all over the area.

Fortunately, people like Delbert Gardner say they're will to dodge orange barrels and heavy equipment.

"It's well worth it to me. I'm a regular customer.

I love to come here and eat good quality food."

The noise and dust can't keep people from away from gravy-soak platters of greasy, homey goodness.

For Rico Peterson some it's an emotional experience.

"I love the chicken fried steak.

Somebody made this one specially for me!

That's the way i feel."

My taste test found a thick, crunchy crust, with a good mix of spices.

With lots of thick gravy, it was very good.

It doesn't hurt, that the food is served up in a place, that pays homage to the route 66 diners of the past.

In keeping with that theme, everything is fresh and made from scratch.

Owner Talal Alame say that's the only way.

"Fresh is very important.

A lot of restaurants want to do frozen meat.

This not the way we do it here."

Tally says his chicken fry has a distinct flavor, that's not timid.

"We have the liquid batter here it consists of eggs, milk, buttermilk and Worcestershire sauce.

In the flour mix you have garlic, dry onion, season salt, and pepper."

The fresh cube steak is triple dipped, to provide a crust that's thick and beyond crunchy.

Thanks to a swim in hot grease.

Then its plated with a generous topping of gravy and some sides.

These are big portions of goodness, that bridge all cultures.

you see Tally is a Lebanese-American, who is educating the world about Oklahoma eats.

"A lot of people, actually from other countries, order chicken fried steak and ask where's my chicken?

We have to explain it to them the idea of chicken fried steak and what it's all about."

If you're into low fat, low carb, or raw food, you need to go somewhere else.

they don't speak your language in this place.

Tally says sometimes you've got to go with the flow.

"It looks good, just eat it and enjoy life!"