Eating Tulsa: Claud's Hamburgers Is A Classic On Brookside

All this week we'll be visiting classic Tulsa burger joints to give you a taste, of the best this city has to offer.

Then you can vote for your favorite online, later in the week..

We're starting with Claud's Hamburgers at 38th and Peoria.

They've been doing it since I was about 3-years old.

It's a small place, but that's a lot of meat.

Their classic diner experience starts long before lunch.

There's a symphony stainless steel clanging in the backroom.

The coleslaw gets made and the burgers are pressed out by the hundreds.

The brothers who run this place grew up in the business.

They started with their Dad out on East Admiral.

After the business moved to Brookside in 1965, their father had some health issue.

So they stepped-in with more help.

Cliff Hobson says it just stuck.

"It was supposed to be temporary and it's been temporary for about 40 years."

Cliff and Robert Hobson will tell you, they honor their Dad with their work everyday.

Their food and their customers also go way back.

Nancy Douglas is a big fan who's been going to Claud's for 35 or 40 years.

"There's just no comparison we tell all our friends this is the best burger in town. It really is!

The brothers say they know several generations of Tulsa families.

The grandparents will remember their classic 50's burger.

It's done medium-rare with mustard pickles and onion.

Robert Hobson grills them by sound.

When the tone of the sizzle changes, it's done.

I had the classic, with mustard, pickles and the onions cooking into the meat.

I'll be happy to wait in line for another.

The Hobson brothers will tell you they work every day they to keep their traditions alive.

But saying the same isn't easy, because of changes in suppliers, products.

At the end of the day they're proud of what they've done, and glad they've stood the test of time.