Eating Tulsa: A Born-Again Classic

Our search for classic Tulsa burgers doesn't have to travel far, from the center of our city.

Brownie's at East 21st and Harvard, clearly fits the bill.

The family that currently owns the place, is trying to make it a born-again classic.

They've made extensive efforts to restore the flavors, that made the place famous almost 60-years ago.

But a classic 1956 burger doesn't come easy.

From the sides to the desserts, authentic can be elusive.

Owner, Dusty Oakley, says he feels a real responsibility to take care of the Brownies legacy.

He feels some of the traditions had drifted away, by the time his family took over.

So he talked with long-time customers, who told him how things should be and taste.

With customers who have specific ideas about what's right, they had to go all out to restore the original recipes and ingredients.

That's right down to the pies, that were made for years by a little lady named Miss Peace.

The burger that made them famous was with mustard, pickle and onion.

In the old days people could get thrown-out, for asking about lettuce and tomato.

The original is just fine with me.

With cold root beer, that's made in house, it's a treat.