Elderly Couple Use Wits Against Armed Robber

An elderly couple is safe after an armed intruder ambushed them at their own home. It happened in East Tulsa around PM Wednesday evening.

Odds are the perpetrator thought he had an easy mark when he walked up to an 86 year-old man who had just pulled into his driveway.

"And he came in and stuck a gun right in his face and said, 'I want all your money,'" said Dean Burke.

But Dean Burke's mother and father are not your typical elderly couple.

"Yeah, they watch a lot of CSI," he laughed.

When the assailant laid his gun down to try and steal their scooter

"My Dad reached down there and grabbed the gun," said Burke.

He tried to get the kid to just leave, but he wouldn't, and then..

"Then all of a sudden the kid grabbed the gun, twisted my Dad's arm, got the gun away from him and said, 'Who's boss now?'" said Burke.

Amazingly, Dean's Dad kept calm, and kept the intruder engaged.

"My Dad was trying to find leads from him, ask him 'Where'd you go to school?' 'I'm not telling you.' 'Well where do you live?' 'I'm not telling you.' 'Whereabouts do you live?' 'I'm not telling you.' So my Dad kept asking trying to get something that would help," he said.

And Dean's Mom was on the ball as well, clutching her chest, making the thief think she was having a heart attack.

"My Mom faked the heart attack and she had the presence of mind to be able to do that. She grabbed her chest and started screaming. Then the kid walked out and loaded up the TV, and my Dad looked at her and said, 'Do it again,'" he said.

He finally left with the TV, a computer, and their van, which was later recovered about a mile and a half away.

"We have officers that's gonna be looking for him till we catch him," said a Tulsa police officer.

A life and death encounter, that brought out the best in some senior citizens and left a thief with something to think about.

"My Dad kept asking him, 'Why are you doing this? What's the reason for doing this? You know you're going to go to jail for a long, long time and if you hurt one of us you're going to go there for the rest of your life,'" said Burke.