Election Board: No Major Glitches, Just Delays

Tuesday night, lines to vote were so long, some people were still voting here in Tulsa County well after 7 o'clock.

Polls closed late, and that meant election results were slow coming in.

Election officials tell Channel 8, that's pretty normal with every presidential election.

But in addition, five new voting machines had to be replaced.

And 11 vote tabulators weren't working properly.

Election workers had to do several recounts.

So, it was a long night.

Shelly Boggs, Assistant Election Board Secretary says, "And so we ended up using the devices that voters used at the polling place for those recounts. It was relatively slow. Otherwise, we probably would have been done about an hour and half earlier. We left here about two."

Overall, election workers say there were no major glitches, just slow results.