Electric Problems Possible with Strong Winds; How Companies Prevent Sparking Fires

Strong winds gusting through Green Country could wreak havoc on power lines. Despite recent, dry conditions, power providers said they prevent electric problems from sparking grass fires year round.

"They [winds] will cause lines to slap together sometimes. It's very unusual for them to slap together to an extent to cause wildfires because where they're located so high," said East Central Electric spokesperson Billy Moore. He said crews perform routine maintenance checks to be sure no brush comes in contact with power lines.

Moore said there are always on-call crews, regardless of extreme winds or not.

Still, with the possibility of power outages, some customers told Channel 8 they are keeping an eye out for problems.

"I look up every night to make sure there ain't no fire anywhere, because it's bad out there. It happened last year," said Okmulgee County resident Chris Hill.

Moore encourages customers to contact their electric provider if they experience outages or other problems.