Elementary School Scrambling after Playground Fire

Tulsa Public Schools public information officer Chris Payne estimates $70,000 worth of damage after a fire burned a school's playground early Tuesday morning.

Tulsa fire crews responded to Eliot Elementary, located at 1442 E. 36th St., shortly before 4 a.m. and extinguished flames on the school's playground.

Authorities suspect that the fire was deliberate, but the fire marshal's investigation into the incident is ongoing. The damage was assessed, and it was determined that three quarters of the playground are not salvageable. The approximate cost of the damage is $70,000.

Payne said there may be a small section of the playground that could still be used.

Eliot Elementary school starts on August 20th. At this point, authorities are not sure how they will replace the playground or if it will be ready by the start of school.

School authorities are planning a meeting this week to figure out what to do. Payne said it's unlikely that the school's maintenance department has $70,000 in its budget for this rare apparent act of playground vandalism.