Emergency Management Assesses Storm Damage in Bixby

Emergency Management told Channel 8 an estimated 13 homes in the Bixby area experienced minor storm damage. One home is considered to be destroyed.

"That was my room. My room's just gone," said Zachary Glimp, 19. His room is now exposed after the storm took off the second story of his family's home. He described the howling wind to sound like a "train," and his family took shelter. No one was harmed, but he described the sight of his mangled home, "horrible" late Wednesday night.

"It's really, really sad but,thankfully, they got their family out and nobody was hurt. That's always the most important thing," said neighbor Jane Phelps Thursday afternoon. She said she mostly slept through the storm but her husband woke her when the sirens began to sound. One of their trees toppled over onto two cars.

Authorities said no one in the Bixby area was injured in the storm.