Broken Arrow Water Main Repaired, Boil Order Still In Place

Broken Arrow officials have repaired a broken water main, but have still issued a precautionary boil order for water customers.

The city manager declared a water emergency for all resident and business customers -- which means all food establishments must stop serving until the boil order is lifted.

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The 36" water main broke between Pryor and the city's water treatment facility.

City crews have begun testing the water supply citywide and plan to have the process complete by the end of the day Wednesday. Test results will be available Thursday.

"Crews will be testing 40 sites throughout the distribution system to ensure the entire City is safe," said Director of Communications Stephanie Higgins. "We anticipate this will be completed by late this afternoon."

Due to the main water line break in the water system and the potential for contamination as a result of this situation, the drinking water supplied by the City of Broken Arrow may be unsafe for human consumption. The system is not back up to full capacity, so the order is in place until further notice.

Staff will be testing the water at 7:30 Wednesday morning. The boil order could be lifted if the water tests come back ok.

As a precaution, it is advised that the consumers of the this water system bring the water to full, rolling boil for at least one minute before consumption, food preparation, dish washing, tooth brushing, wound care and bathing infants who may ingest bath water.

"We are asking our customers to use as little water as possible until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning to give our crews time to repair the line and refill and recharge the water towers," Director of Communications Stephanie Higgins said.