Emergency Responder Equipment Withstands Heat

Extreme summer heat does not seem to be causing problems for emergency responders' equipment.

Firefighters and medics told Channel 8 their gear is made to withstand heat.

Berryhill Fire Department has trucks that can run water near the engine to help cool it off.

An EMT with EMSA said in hot weather, medics run the air conditioning in ambulances and keep an eye on battery charges for equipment.

Instead, both agencies said the heat can affect staff more than gear. Both agencies are hydrating and taking other precautions to stay safe.

"The people that built our stuff put a lot of time and research in to make sure it's not going to fail, obviously in heat. So yeah, I've never worried about my gear," said Berryhill Fire Department Driver Eric Hyde.

EMSA said cold weather can pose more challenges for equipment. Snow and ice can make transport and use of gear difficult.

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