Emmy's Heart "Fairy Godmother" Helps Children Fighting Cancer

Emmy's Heart is an organization that makes tutus, crowns, capes, and masks for children fighting cancer. One woman recently opened a chapter in Oklahoma, and with her story book kindness, is making children smile.

"My motto in doing this has kind of always been, I'm not cut out to be a nurse, but I can make tutus. So that's what I do," said Fullen.

She recently surprised three sisters, Shaylee, Caylee, and Kylee, before their big birthday party with tutus. Kylee just had her third birthday and twins Shaylee and Caylee just turned four. Shaylee has been fighting leukemia since this summer.

"It really means a lot that people you don't even know do that for you and your child," said the girls' mother, Shay Haynes.

Haynes said Shaylee's doctor recently told them she is responding very well to the procedures and should be done with treatment in July 2014.

If you would like to learn more information about Emmy's Heart, you may visit Fullen's Facebook page or follow her on Twitter at @EmmysHeartOK. You may also visit the national Emmy's Heart website.