American Airlines Employees Worried about Present and Future

The news of possible thousands of layoffs made{}employees and their families into panic mode. As of right now around 2,000 jobs may be lost at the Tulsa American Airlines facility.

Workers and Union leaders tell us the mood is a little gut wrenching. It's not necessarily a surprise to them but it's still like a punch to the stomach.

"It's still a significant hit for Tulsa no matter what happens," says Rick Mullings, organizer for the Transport Workers Union.

Not the news Tulsa workers were hoping to hear.

Gary Elias has worked as a airline mechanic at American Airlines for 26 years and he says the mood at work is solemn.

"My phone was is dead, I've charged it twice today, I've been getting text messages and phone calls," says Elias, who describes growing up at American Airlines.

He says he has dozens of friends that are in the same boat. When he started years ago, he was looking forward to retirement plan, like those retiring when he first started.

"They had been here their whole life and they had retired and, boy, things were good," says Elias. "You think we've got the same thing, we finally made it, not so much, it's tough, a lot of people."

Now the "good life" maybe turning into a career switch or Elias says maybe even going back to school. Mullings says not so fast, the fight for the workers rights is far from over.

"We are going to put on a tougher case, than what any airline has ever seen before," says Mullings.

He says this process could take a few months to a few years, everything is still really up in the air.