EMSA Board to Research Questionable Expenditures, Meet Again Next Month

EMSA board members teleconferenced Wednesday to discuss the audit with questionable charges they received the day before.

The board discussed the successes of EMSA and how it benefits its communities.

"We are on the opposite side of the spectrum with the same intensity in terms of governance," said board member and Oklahoma City Councilor Dr. Ed Shadid.

EMSA asked the state to audit the organization. The report found expenditures "that the general public would consider unwarranted and extravagant."

Those charges include more than $35,000 on floral arrangements for office beautification and consolation gifts and two lifetime subscriptions to Sirius Satellite Radio at nearly $400 each.

Channel 8 asked people walking downtown what they thought of these expenses and received mixed responses.

The report also questioned donations to private entities, saying "EMSA donations to private entities may represent violations of the Oklahoma Constitution."

The board decided to move forward with the auditor's recommendations, like reexamining expenditure expectations and consulting legal counsel about the donations.

The board agreed to meet next month in Stroud, after the board has had more of an opportunity to examine the audit. The board has temporarily asked management to submit any non-routine expense to it that exceeds $2,500.