Energy And Earthquakes

A lot of people blame the oil business for our increase in earthquakes. Now, some people in the industry are voicing concerns about the impact of fracking and waste-injection wells.

We spoke with an expert who says they're both necessary, but the industry needs to be careful and a lot more research needs to be done. The process of fracking has revolutionized America's energy production but there are serious concerns about that work.

One prominent CEO says their work may be causing seismic problems.

Chris Faulkner, of Breitling Energy, says the business needs to work with the states and local communities to investigate and solve any problems.

"I think that we've got to be careful where we're drilling obviously if it is in a faulted area and there are a lot of faults that run through this country," he said.

The Chair of the Oklahoma Sierra club welcomes a more open attitude, but they want stricter state regulations.

Barbara Van Haken says the rights of the public must be protected and their has to be a balance when it comes to energy production. She says fracking and injection wells should be kept away from sensitive areas. Van Haken also says if waste water can't be disposed of properly, then fracking shouldn't be done.

Faulkner argues that the technology is required to meet our energy needs so regulators shouldn't move to quickly. We need to do the science and then set reasonable standards.