Epic Hike To Support Veterans

The pictures in the coffee table book look gorgeous, but Kevin Steele and his son Hunter will soon learn the price of that beauty.

"It's an excellent weight loss program. It's highly recommended," laughed Kevin Steele.

But he and his son are not about to walk the Appalachian trail to lose weight; they're doing it as a father, son thing. Fully aware that that thing may wear thin every now and then, and so...

"We need that little bit of extra something to keep us on the trail for that day just to get you through that bad day," he said.

Their extra something? Helping veterans who are on the verge of really bad days. They are walking to prevent veteran suicide.

"Right now we're losing 22 veterans a day to suicide, do the math on that we're losing more veterans to suicide every year than we did in Iraq and Afghanistan combined," he said.

The money they raise will go towards a retreat to help vets fight stress. Their goal? $100,000

"We thought the best way to do this is simply ask folks to donate a penny per mile. 22 dollars, that's it. When you break it down like that we need 5,000 people to go make that $22 donation," he said.

A father, son trip that will make memories for a lifetime, with the goal of helping others embrace their lives, and motivated by the suicide of a family friend.

"The one particular kid that I think about, he practically grew up in my house. And so that was rough, and so I was going on an overseas trip and we buried that young man the day before I left for overseas, so it hits home. If we can do anything to spare any family out there that kind of pain. It's worth walking 2,200 miles for," he said.

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