Ericka Goes Bowling

13 year old Ericka is not into video games, instead loves being active, and on this day, that means bowling at Andy B's on South Lewis, where they're always gracious enough to host us.

"Alright may the luckiest person win."

When Tulsa Schools are back in session, Ericka will begin the eighth grade and already knows what's important once she returns to class.

"My grades."

Not that she has to worry about them, Ericka takes great pride in being responsible and working hard. There is one class she's not worried about.

"Math. Why math? Cause I get help and I get A's and B's."

Away from school Ericka loves to read and loves the board game Mancala. She would also like to play sports, one sport in particular

"Basketball. Because I've never played it. I only played volleyball and soccer when I was little."

While Ericka would love to play basketball, her main focus right now: getting adopted and she knows what she's looking for.

"A black family that cares about me and respects me and I'll respect them. That puts clothes on my back when I need them. Feed me and have little kids that I can play with."

Ericka said she would prefer to be the oldest child so she can teach her younger siblings responsibility.

Responsible, thoughtful, kind and looking for a loving family.

If you think you can offer Ericka the forever home she deserves, call 800-376-9729.