Evacuee Returns Home to "Miracle"

Days later and choppers continue to drop water where they can, trying to save what's left near Drumright.

"We have a lot of memories here."

Thelma Stevens is just coming back to her home of 14 years. She was evacuated days ago.

"My husband said the blazes were clear up over the top of those trees."

The fires, sweeping across some 60,000 acres in the area, ate up almost the entirety of this stretch of Highway 33.

Grass, completely charred. Homes melted into ash.

But Stevens' home was somehow completely untouched.

"That's how I feel. it was a miracle."

A{}miracle; One that stopped sky high flames from traveling just a few yards to her home and also from this gas tank sitting behind it.

"Yeah.{}I mean we could have been like all the others. Lost everything we had."

And Stevens said she was ready for that; to be one of the hundreds.

"Yeah.{}I feel like{}I do. If we would've drove up here just a few minutes ago and it would've been ashes, it would've been like, well, that's how God intended it."

Whether what saved Stevens' home was divine or not, the drone of the choppers continuing to fight serve as a reminder that others played a part.

"They just seem to come out of the woodwork, you know, to help. It's unbelievable."