Ex-Congressman's Plans For Current Political Gridlock

With the same President in the White House and no power shift in Congress, will the political gridlock remain?

Republicans remain in control of the U.S. House and Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

Most leaders are calling for bi-partisanship and say they're ready to solve the nation's problems.

Speaking at University of Tulsa Wednesday night, former Oklahoma Congressman Mickey Edwards presented proposals on breaking the stalemate.

"The reason the government is so dysfunctional is not because of the people in it, but because of the system they operate in," says Edwards. "It's what you have to do to get elected. It's the pressures that are on you to not cooperate, not compromise and that's what you get rewarded for."

Edwards served in Congress for 16 years.

After leaving in 1993, he taught at Harvard University for 11 years.

His new book, "The Parties vs. The People" is available now on Amazon.