Exercise Key to Keeping Your Mind Strong, Study Says

Just think as you age, your mind gets smaller. The best way to keep it sharp as you age is to build muscle and workout, according to a study released in the Journal Neurology. The researchers looked at hundreds of 70 year-olds.

The participants did initial questions regarding their physical activity. Three years later, they all had MRIs done-on their brains.

Scientists found those that did more walking and exercising had larger brains than those who didn't work out. The brain usually get smaller as we age which experts say may play a role in memory loss.

Those in the study who were physically active had less brain shrinkage.

People who were intellectually engaged and kept socially active, did not see any protective brain changes--but those are still helpful.

Earlier studies with seniors who took up either aerobic exercise or strength training, also showed signs that the brain was getting benefit from the work outs.

Experts say these studies provide more evidence that losing our youth doesn't have to mean losing our brain power. Perhaps age really is, just a number.