Extensive Search, Big Reward For Lost Dog Named Gus

A local doctor is going to great lengths to find his lost dog, Gus.

"We're buddies. We're brothers."

Doctor Matt Woosley of Berryhill was on a mission trip to Haiti and left Gus with his brother.

Unfortunately, the fox terrier escaped.

So Woosley came home from Haiti to help find him.

Now he's holding up signs at intersections and offering a $500 dollar reward.

Woosley even started a website for Gus.

But unfortunately, so far, no luck.

"One thought was that Gus wandered off the ranch looking for me. And so I came home because I felt like I needed to be a part of this. Gus has given so much to me. The very least I can give to him is to spend one week trying to find him."

If you've seen Gus, please call 918-406-2622.

Gus wasn't wearing a collar, but does have a micro-chip.

There's also a link to his website to the right of this story.