Extra Hotel Fees to Watch Out For

Those extra little fees on a hotel tab can really add up. U-S hotels will collect almost two billion dollars in fees and surcharges this year, according to an annual survey from New York University.

Guests will notice the most common fees -- and can usually avoid them -- things like wireless Internet, phone calls, cancellation and early departure fees. But other, less obvious fees include:

  • Mini-bar restocking fees.
  • Charges for in-room safes.
  • Extra charges related to a hotel's business center, like fees for receiving packages or express mail.
  • Automatic room service gratuities.
  • Fees for holding baggage after checkout.

The good news for travelers - the NYU study forecasts fewer hotels introducing new fees and surcharges in 20-13, perhaps hoping to avoid the backlash the airline industry has received since it started charging extra for checked baggage, in-flight food and beverages, preferred seating and more. U-S airlines picked up more than 3 billion dollars in baggage fees alone in 20-11.

(source: CNN)