Tulsa's Main Library Unveils Its Upcoming Extreme Makeover

Tulsa's main library in downtown is about to undergo an extreme makeover.

Plans were unveiled during a public meeting Tuesday night at the Central Library.

It will be completely renovated with a new parking area, front entrance, as well as, high-tech upgrades and a garden area.

Organizers say the library system is busier than ever with about 400,000 people visiting the main branch every year.

They want the new upgrades to encourage people to not only read books but use the library as a way to be creative and collaborate with others.

"The needs of the 21st century customer have changed since when this library first opened," says Tulsa City-County Library CEO Gary Shaffer. "It was state-of-the-art when it first opened and we're hoping to obviously return it to that when we re-open."

The project is scheduled to begin this September and should be finished about two years later in late 2015.

During the construction project, the library will move to a building at 11th and Denver.