Fab Lab Inspires Imagination


As mind blowing as the Twilight Zone, Fab Lab truly is a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.{}"If you can dream it, you can make it here.," said executive director Nathan Pritchett.For example, the Maker-Bot is laying down fine layers of plastic that eventually become a small bendable worm. At the opposite scale, there's the elephant in the room, that was cut out on a massive machine."So it can take a full sheet of plywood," said Fab Lab instructor Andrew Harmon.It's a place where the tools of technology allow you to create whatever idea you've been kicking around in your head, and at the same time freeing your artistic or entrepreneurial spirit.{}"What it's doing is it's destroying the old business model where you had to write a 50 page business plan, you had to get $500,000 in equity capital, and what it's doing is it's allowing people to do it now cheaply and efficiently," said Pritchett."It's a pretty cool experience," said{}Patrick Forringer, who has invented an ergonomic adapter for Apple's magic mouse."I had the idea a couple years ago for that adapter just never had the place to bring it to fruition," he said.And some of that Fab Lab fruit can now be found at Dwelling Spaces."We got 'em Valentines Day, so they were pretty hot that day," said Mary Beth Babcock.A robot and a jewelry box that a friend initially made for Mary Beth as a gift, wound up selling in her store. What would she make at Fab Lab?"Something huge, a piece of art that was huge, with letters pressed on it, huh?" she said.Well, it's a start, of something. And that's all you really need at the Fab lLab. {}"Again, if you can dream it, you can come in here and make it," said Pritchett.


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