Facebook Leads to Arrest of Alleged Sexual Predator

Delaware County Sheriff's deputies arrested a resident of Monkey Island on allegedly raping a teenage girl.

According to a release, 22-year-old Austin Blevins was arrested after a lengthy investigation conducted by the sheriff's office. Blevins was arrested on two counts of first degree rape, one count of first degree sodomy, and solicitation of a minor to perform sexual acts.

The investigation began after deputies were contacted by Grand River Dam Authority police officers to investigate several thefts and burglaries near Shangri La Marina and on Monkey Island.

Blevins was identified as a possible suspect, but no charges were ever filed, according to the release.

During this time, the mother of a female domestic violence victim contacted detectives and said that Blevins had left his Facebook page open on her 14-year-old daughter's cell phone. According to the sheriff's office, pornographic pictures were found on the phone. Detectives believed that Blevins had sent photos of his genitals to the teenager.

The sheriff's office release states that after an interview, the teenaged victim admitted that she had sexual intercourse with Blevins on two different occasions.

Blevins was arraigned on charges Wednesday morning. His bond is set at $325,000.

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