Failing Grades: Delivering Your Solutions

Kim Jackson delivers your suggestions to State Superintendent Janet Barresi.

Last week, we told you about failing schools. We asked, "Who's accountable to children?"

We gave you a voice and asked for your solutions. Channel 8's Kim Jackson took your messages to local and state leaders.

We delivered on our promise. Dozens of pages of solutions, ideas and comments went to PTA president Sally Perez.

She graciously received them.

Perez and others are receiving messages from viewers like Amy Immel, who suggested one solution. "I think communities getting involved in schools again."

Jackie Taylor said, " Give parents more choices for children's schools."

Elynne Stout said "All teachers and parents should stand up for our children and vote everyone out of office that does not support our educational system."

We left those comments on the doorstep of elected school board president Ruth Ann Fate. From there, on to the school headquarters to leave your solutions with superintendent Keith Ballard, who was not available for an on camera interview.

He did release this statement after reading hundreds of your ideas. "The fact is, we are all accountable, and we will not rest until student achievement is where it needs to be," he wrote.

Web Extra: Read Dr. Ballard's Full Statement

From there, we took the turnpike to Oklahoma City to hand State Superintendent Janet Baressi her packet. This was her response, on fixing failing schools, "I've been close to this for about the past three years and the one thing I know is that all of us have to own the problems in our own way, because each and every one of us are part of the answer, even you."

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