Fairmont Terrace: Hearing Continues, Minor Testifies Against James Poore

Two brothers returned to court to continue their preliminary hearing Wednesday morning on charges of robbing and shooting to death four women at a Tulsa apartment complex in January.

The state is continuing to present witnesses Wednesday.

The court heard from a 17-year-old minor who was staying at the same apartment as James on the day of the murders and came forward to police. The minor testified that he was staying on the couch at Poore's girlfriend at the time's couch.

He said he saw James and who he thought to be James' brother leave and return to the apartment.

He said James told the group staying there what he had done and said he would know if anyone said anything.

He testified that James showed them money and drugs he had taken and said the drugs were for sale if they were interested.

The minor also testified that he saw Poore's girlfriend put a food stamp card, I.D., and makeup into a garbage bag.

The minor said his friend, Shalee, and he left to walk to a convenience store shortly after police arrived. That slightly contradicts Poore's former girlfriend's testimony from earlier this week. She said she also went to the store. However, the minor said she stayed in the apartment with James.

The defense pointed out that the minor had smoked marijuana the day of the murders. James Poore's attorney, Ms. Fry, questioned why the minor did not testify that the shooters allegedly used a pillow to stifle the sound of the shots. She said he had testified that before.

Cedric Poore's attorney pointed out that the minor did not know Cedric's name until he appeared on the news. The minor testified that he originally did not know Cedric was James's brother.

The state's second witness of the day was a cell phone representative for T-Mobile who provided phone records to a number possibly linked to Cedric Poore which would place him near the apartments on the day of the crime.

The brothers are suspects in the murders of 23-year-old twins Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Melchor, 33-year-old Misty Nunley and 55-year-old Julie Jackson back in January.

Previous reports state that the Poore brothers have each pleaded not guilty to the crimes and are being represented by separate attorneys. This week's preliminary hearing will determine whether there's enough evidence to bind the brothers over for trial.

Earlier this week, state prosecutors called forward Jamila Jones, former girlfriend of James Poore and Rebeika's friend at the time. Jones told the courtroom that she heard James wanted to know about "hitting a lick," meaning a possible robbery on the day of the killings.

Link: Read More of What Jones Told the Courtroom

Jones stated that Powell came over on the day of the killings, to borrow a charged cell phone battery the two shared. She said she went over to Powell's apartment after that for a cigarette. She said while she was there, she went in a backroom of Powell's apartment and saw drugs (namely "ice"), money and jewelry. She said Powell accused her of stealing something, which she denied. At that point, she called James and told him about the items she saw in the apartment.

She said Cedric came over that day. Both he and James allegedly left the apartment and returned with a backpack containing drugs, money, and jewelry. She said the backpack also contained Powell's food stamp card. She said she threw it away. Jones also added that Cedric had a gun at his hip.

Defense attorney's for the Poore brothers went on to question Jones about her reliability. In particular whether she has changed her story during interviews with police and whether she was addicted to drugs.

State prosecutors are expected to call forward its next witness Wednesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Tulsa's Channel 8 reporter Caitlin Alexander is in the courtroom following this developing story. Stay with KTUL for updates.