Faith Increases Following Church Fire

It doesn't always take a building or a large following the deliver a divine message. Inspiration can come even from that which appears destroyed.

"This could be very representative of people's lives who are in search (long pause). You see it so often and we read about it, we see it on your newscasts people who very often think their lives are in great shape and they're like this, (pointing to the rubble).

Members of this congregation of 30 to 40 people didn't meet for services Sunday, but his sermon will hold for anyone and any day of the week.

"God takes a life like this and he recreates it," says Schwenk.

The fire chief tells us there was some work done on the roof earlier in the day and a torch may have started the fire. There were also power outages and electrical issues in the area. Nothing has been ruled out for this decades old building.

"That's what it was a building, the church as I've said repeatedly and I've told my congregation this repeatedly it's the people, it's God's people, assembled together to worship him," says Schwenk.

The church did have insurance. People from the community have responded and member will decide later where they'll meet on Sunday.