Wife Arrested On Homicide Charges After Husband's High-rise Fall

Amber Hilberling's jail mugshot

25 floors down from University Club Tower, tiny shards of glass littered the parking lot. The blinds on the window they came from, flapping in the wind.

"I just thought it was a collision on the parking ramp," said resident Jeff Zwick. He{}was leaving the building to go for a walk when it happened.

"I heard what sounded like a collision on the parking ramp, broken glass and a woman screaming," he said.

The victim, Joshua Hilberling fell 17 stories, onto the top floor of the parking garage.

"It's kind of freaky, we just moved here," said Catherine Freeman, quizzing emergency personnel as to the circumstances of the death.

"I was riding back down with a paramedic, I asked him the same thing, I said was it someone that jumped or? What is going on, and he said it doesn't look like a jump," she said.

Police would come to the same conclusion.

"There was some sort of argument that was brief and then the crashing of the window," said Detective Dave Walker.

Roughly{}four hours after the death, police would arrest the victim's wife 20-year-old Amber Hilberling.

Police say she got involved in a domestic dispute with Joshua and pushed him, causing him to fall through the window.

She is being held in the Tulsa County jail on $500,000 bond.


Amber Hilberling's jury trial has been scheduled for March 2013. Related stories: