Fallin Advocates Water Conservation as Drought Engulfs State

Dry conditions throughout Oklahoma have pushed Gov. Mary Fallin to ask for water conservation from all Oklahomans.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, up to 64 percent of the state is facing drought and lakes in the Red River system are at record low levels.

"It's important that the state government, municipalities and individuals do everything in their power to conserve water," Fallin said.

"Residents in all corners of the state have a major impact on water levels. As we examine ways to make state government more efficient in its water use, I am continuing to encourage all Oklahomans to consider common-sense water conservation. Things as simple as fixing leaks around the house and limiting the amount you water your lawn can help to preserve our reservoirs and lakes," she said.

A list of water conservation techniques can be found here: