Fallin Issues Executive Order on Propane Shortage

Governor Mary Fallin issued an executive order this afternoon in regards to a shortage of propane in Oklahoma.

The order waives licensing requirements for eligible out-of-state propane transporters so that they can bring fuel to Oklahoma because of the shortage, according to a press release from the office of governor Fallin.

Due to the order, truck drivers can also exceed the regular number of hours and days they can transport propane to Oklahoma.

The press release said that the recent winter weather conditions increased the demand of residential and commercial propane gas.

The results of the shortage are being felt as many rural homes use propane for heat.

"This executive order will help make sure that there is enough of a propane supply in the days and weeks ahead until problems are resolved," Fallin said in the press release.

The executive order will run until Feb. 4 and 15 other states are dealing with similar executive orders, according to the press release.