Fallin Urges Oklahomans to Get Flu Vaccination

Due to 33 Oklahoma deaths from the flu this flu season, Gov. Mary Fallin is urging Oklahomans to take precautions and get their flu vaccine.

The Oklahoma Department of Health reported that 975 have been hospitalized this flu season, which began in September.

"There are simple, immediate steps we all can take to prevent the flu from spreading," Fallin said.

"We should all be washing our hands and staying home if feeling sick. And for those who haven't done so it's not too late to get the flu vaccination," she said.

Terry Cline, health commissioner, spoke on the importance of the flu vaccine for all ages.

"Flu vaccination is the best way to prevent the flu and reduces the chance of spreading flu to persons who have not been vaccinated, including babies too young to receive a vaccination," Cline said.

"This year's vaccine is generally well-matched to the circulating strain. Many local county health departments, pharmacies and health care providers still have vaccine," he said.

Other ways to reduce the risk of getting the flu: wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, cover your mouth when coughing, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth and avoid close contact with those who have the flu.