Falling Death Victim Filed Protection Order Against Wife

There were recent signs of trouble in a marriage that ended with the husband dying and his wife accused of murder. 23-year old Joshua Hilberling filed a restraining order last month, but it was later dismissed because the couple didn't show up to court.

Joshua Hilberling fell 17 stories to his death Tuesday. Police say his wife, 19 year old Amber Hilberling, pushed him out a window at the University Club Tower near downtown. She's now facing a first degree murder charge.

Joshua Hilberling's restraining order against his wife is one of many that make their way to the Tulsa County Court House. Last month, fear drove eight people a day to detail why they want a loved one to stay away, and the victim of last week's shooting at Tulsa Hills also filed one against the man who tried to kill her. "We hear about the protective orders that do not work, but you do not hear about the protective orders that did work," said Domestic Violence Intervention Services Education Coordinator, Angela Mitchell.

DVIS says the positive cases are in the shadows, but the system has worked for people like "Victoria". "I had to do my part. The protective order would only work if both sides abided by it. For me, I knew I wasn't going back. It was the point of no return," she told us. "Victoria" had a safety plan too. It's something DVIS is willing to help every domestic violence victim create. "We want to teach people how to find alternative ways to work, how to drop off kids at school, that sort of thing so that they can maintain safety with that protective order," explained Mitchell. "Victoria" says it's heart breaking to hear of the situations that didn't turn out like hers, but she hopes they'll bring awareness.

You can file a protective order at the courthouse, but DVIS suggests that you go to them. Not only can they walk you through every step, they say they can tell you how to write the order so you get the exact protection that you need. If you or someone you know needs help call 918-7-help me.