Families Voice Concerns After Parent Hires Security Guard at School

Some families are speaking out, after an armed guard is hired at an elementary school. A concerned parent offered to pay thousands to make sure the students had protection. But other parents are now concerned about the idea.

After several attempts, the principal at Eliot would not comment on the new security guard. But we do know that parents were surveyed, after raising eyebrows over the offered donation.

As the children played at lunch, there was an armed security guard on the premises. The guard is being paid from money donated by a parent. The 10-thousand dollars was specified for the guard and given to the district.

Other parents were concerned about an outsider footing the bill and it being a security guard, instead of an off-duty police officer.

The district has contracted with a company, Securitas. The guard is under the direction of school police. While some parents have criticized this move, others appreciate it.

Clark Bell is a concerned parent. "I have no problem with it. I think it is good for the kids and good for the school. It should help them feel safer if they have concerns," he said.

We know other schools have considered their own security guards but for now, they are waiting to see changes from the district. Secure entries for other elementary schools are in the plans for bond money.