Families Finding Fun Things to Do in Winter Weather

With all of the snow days, parents are looking for fun things for their children to do, leaving some tired of this winter weather.

We found some families enjoying the sunshine on Monday.

"So much of the snow, we have been stuck inside because it's been dreary and cold. The sun was really a nice touch today. So we thought we would hit the hill before anyone else did," parent, Paul Dougherty said.

Dougherty and his family went up and down the hill at least 20 times and enjoyed their time, but are ready for some new weather.

"I think it's just been a cold dreary winter, too much ice. We are just ready for things to start blooming again," Dougherty said.

"I am ready for it to warm up. I am ready to be able to do stuff outside regularly, but I like the cold and snow," parent, Adam Stoermer said.

Stoermer and his family braved the roads for some inside fun at the Tulsa Children's Museum Discovery Lab.

"It's sunny, we thought the streets were going to be OK. They were a little worse than we thought, but we don't live very far, so just trying to enjoy a day and get out and do stuff," Stoermer said.

Since they braved the weather and the roads, they had the children's museum all to themselves. The director says this winter weather has caused several of their parties and field trips to cancel.

"Attendance has gone way down, and we certainly want our visitors to be safe, but we also want a place for them to come and play and be warm during these events," Executive Director, Ray Vandiver said.

Even if they open a few hours later, the museum has been open during every winter weather event. At both places, parents were having just as much fun as the children.

"Parents do like snow days contrary to popular belief," Dougherty said.