Families Getting Help From Salvation Army

As the Salvation Army handed out food and gift bags Saturday, some of those toys almost didn't make it. Seven hundred angels were not returned meaning those families might have missed out on Christmas. There is more than four thousand families that the Salvation Army is helping this year. The families couldn't be more grateful for the help.

"I am very thankful because there are some kids that don't see no Christmas. Don't get to eat. Don't get to have gifts. This is a joy to a kid," says Angie Pitts.

The need this year is up by a thousand angels.

"There is more this year than there was last year and I'm pretty sure next year there will be more. Every year the number keeps growing, the need gets greater. Somehow there is enough stuff to fill everything," says volunteer, Brianna Board.

But this year brought a new challenge when hundreds of angels didn't make it back to the warehouse.

"That's my first time I have ever had that happen. I really don't have an explanation for it expect that life happens to people in all kinds of ways in every demographic," says Major April Taylor, Associate Area Commander for the Metro Tulsa Area.

The community came through with plenty of gifts for everyone and getting to see the faces of the families is the best part for these thousands of volunteers.

"We like to shop but we don't ever think about just how little some of these families have. So, when you had the gifts out and you get to see the faces it makes the whole experience worth it. Your feet hurt. Your back hurts but it's so worth it," says volunteer Brittany Board.

The Red Kettle Campaign runs until December 24.