Families Sought for Animals Displaced After Fourth of July Holiday

Several dogs are looking to be reclaimed or for new homes this week following the Fourth of July holiday that brought an influx to Tulsa's animal shelter.

Members of the City of Tulsa's Animal Welfare division are hoping residents will come to the shelter this week to reclaim their lost dogs following the Independence Day celebrations. It is estimated that at least 70 dogs were taken into the shelter since last week.

"Our average in June and July varies between 45 and 65 animals coming in every day and that's just a huge number," shelter manager Jean Letcher said. "It means that we are euthanizing healthy, adoptable animals."

Officials with the shelter said that most of the animals that were taken in were likely runaways scared of the fireworks. Letcher told KTUL that beginning Wednesday many of these animals could be put down.

If you'd like to help any of the animals at the shelter, go online to or give them a call (918) 596-8000.