Family and Friends Show Support at Heart and Stroke Walk

About 10,000 people participated in the Heart and Stroke Walk in downtown Tulsa Saturday. Dozens of people wore blue shirts with the "Superman" logo in support of Wyatt Griffith, 2, who has a serious heart condition.

"When he was born, doctors did not have a good diagnosis for us," said Wyatt's mother, Jackie. "They told us six months, and he's two and a half. So, we go day by day."

Wyatt has had four open heart surgeries. He has been in the hospital during the past two Heart Walks, so his family was excited he could join them Saturday.

This is the first year the event has been called the "Heart and Stroke Walk". Organizers said that while heart disease is the number one killer, stroke is number four, with the same risk factors. Exercise is a preventative measure for both, which is why this event focuses on walking.

Given the recent fatal explosions in Boston, organizers said security was on their minds in planning the event.

"The marathon in Boston is certainly on all of our minds," said Nellie Kelly with the event. "We just feel terrible about it, but this is a celebratory day in Tulsa. We've been in very close contact with the police department in Tulsa, and security has just been wonderful."

All proceeds from Saturday's walk go to the American Heart Association to help with research and education programs.

Jackie and her husband, Josh, said Wyatt needs another surgery but it has not yet been scheduled.

"We go day by day, so that's really what we do. We wake up every morning, say, 'Okay, this is going to be a good day with Wyatt'," said Jackie.

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