Family Of Five First In Line For Black Friday Deals

The Seviers are first in line at the Best Buy on 71st St.

A Tulsa family isn't taking any chances when it comes to getting a Black Friday bargain.

Angela Sevier is just one in her five-member family that's taking a team approach to camping at the Best Buy Store on 71st Street near Highway 169.

The family set up a tent Sunday evening around 6:30pm.

Angela said it's their third year at this store. They're camping out for cheap TVs and for fun.

"It's something on my bucket list," she said. "We were at this Best Buy last year and we were third in line."

Angela admitted that the folks at the front last year were there on Monday, and that helped with their decision to pitch camp even earlier.

The Seviers tent is fully stocked with a queen size bed, food, games and other gear. They braved their first night through a cold rain storm.

"We have a plan this year. That's why we got out here first. We just hang out, spend time with the family," Sevier said.

The Seviers have plenty of time to hang out. Best Buy opens for Black Friday at midnight, November 23rd.