Family of Four Accused in Police Assault

Four members of one family were arrested, after two officers say they were assaulted. But one of the accused says that she was assaulted.

"I got hit for no reason. I was like this.the whole time, I was like this (officer) Barnhart please stop. And he looked at me and hit me right in the face. I spun in two circles and fell on the ground," said Amber Thompson, who was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest.

Thompson says she and her family members watched an officer stop her brother, Dustin Thompson, as he pulled into the driveway. From there the family confronted the officer, according to the police report.

Police say a trio kicked and threw punches, involving two officers, leaving them with injuries.

"He had bruises, some abrasions, I believe he had, there was blood from an ear. And the other officer had scrapes and bruises," said Leland Ashley of the Tulsa Police Department. Ashley says the situation could have escalated to the use of deadly force, because one of the officer was on the ground, being kicked.Ashley says the officers were treated on the scene.