Family Safety Center Getting Ready for Big Move

The flurry of activity at the new Family Safety Center on the first floor of the Tulsa Police Courts Building was focused on getting the 13,000 square foot facility ready by the move-in date on September 15.

Executive Director Suzann Stuart said that while a lot of work still must be done, the change from the South Harvard location is on schedule. Part of that work is training additional volunteers August 15 and August 16 to meet the expected increase in the workload.

Tulsa's Channel 8's community newspaper partner, The Jenks Journal, reported that training is set to begin at the RSVP headquarters at 5756 East 31st St. and background checks will be made on each person.

"Volunteers must be over 18-years-old," Stewart said. Bilingual volunteers are also needed, including Hispanic and Vietnamese languages.

Participants will be introduced to the mission and goals of the Family Safety Center on the first day, she said. That will include a look at the client's situation because of domestic abuse, violence, sexual abuse and trauma.

The second day will be a more in-depth study about the volunteer's role. That training will provide an even more detailed look at issues those volunteers will encounter and provide tools to better help the client.

Some volunteers will serve as support to those in one-on-one meetings with clients, Stewart said. These individuals will serve as guides to help people get to the person they are supposed to see.

Others will work with childcare, relieving people coming to the center so they can have a better experience with their counselor.

Additional services are being reviewed that provide more assistance with the children and services for the elderly.