Family Still Searching for Bartlesville Man

The case of a missing Bartlesville man is now in it's third week. The Osage County Sheriff's have arrested two people in this case but the family of Timothy Hauser still have no answers.

"We need closure. We need answers. We need to know where he is at," says niece, Melanie Anderson.
The Osage County Sheriff's office says the last place 62 year-old Timothy Hauser was seen was the Osage Casino just outside of Bartlesville. That was August 9th. Then a few days later Hausers neighbors noticed he hadn't come home so they call Anderson and police. That's when Anderson got a call that changed everything.
"She called me and told me they had done something with my uncle ," says Anderson.
The she, Anderson is talking about is 28 year-old Trysta Shaffer. Shaffer and 40 year-old Rusty Petty have been arrested in connection with this case by the Osage County Sheriff's office. Anderson says it was hard to be in the car with Shaffer.
"It was very hard. I had to maintain my anger and my hurt and get from her what I possibly could get from her to help my family," says Anderson.
Once Shaffer started talking Anderson drove her around the county trying to find her uncle. But with no more leads Anderson is hoping the two suspects will do the right thing.
"I need them to lay their needs and what they do in their personal life aside and realize that there is other people involved and it's affecting us daily," says Anderson.
Anderson says her uncle would have done anything for anyone that would have asked and this didn't need to happen. She is now pleading with anyone to come forward with information because the family misses Hauser.
"Not being able to go over there. Not hear him call, can you take me to the doctor today or I'm going up to my friends house to watch wrestling and his friends miss him dearly too," says Anderson.
If you do have any information you are asked to call Osage County Sheriff's office at 918-287-3131.
Trysta Shaffer is scheduled to be in Osage County Court Friday, August 31, at 9:00 A.M. Rusty Petty will be back in court on September 13.