Family's Trust Broken By Caretaker

With his rugged good looks and a solid 220 lbs, Tony was a go getter, holding down three jobs, a hunter, a fisher, a golfer. And then...

"And then he had a car accident and had a traumatic brain injury," said his step father, David Clairday.

In a coma for 40 days, his slow recovery over the past three years has been inspiring. Barely able to talk, down to just over 100 pounds, but still holding the spark of who he is. But none that has anything to do with why the woman in the mug shot is smiling.

"That smirk just blew me away," said David, stunned at what they recorded on their new computer.

"Cry baby, cry baby." The voice belongs to Britni Bradfield, Tony's caretaker, taunting him to near hysteria.

"We just wanted to see how he acted during the day when we weren't here," said David.

But it wasn't his behavior that caught their attention. It's lunchtime, Tony's food is in that bowl.

"He's asking for help," he said.

What he gets is a reprimand.

"Tony, shut up! I'm taking that food away. You just ruined having that food," said Bradfield.

"If you want to sit here and whine I'm going to solve the problem and I'm going to take the food away," she said.

"You can hear how loud it hits, it's still full," said David.

But that was nothing compared to what happened...

"As long as you don't listen, life's going to be miserable Tony, it will," she said.

When Tony simply tried to get up.

"Get in your chair," she says, shortly before apparently assaulting him.

"She smacked him in the face and then shoved him own in his chair , because he was trying to stand up and move," said David.

It was a shocking, gut wrenching, infuriating sight. That this person who literally can't hurt a fly, was being subjected to that.

"It's just unbelievable, such a helpless person," said David.

They took the footage to the police who arrested her for caretaker abuse. With her absence has come peace, but also questions, of just how long it might have been going on.

"We had her working for us for three years," said David.