Farmers Welcome Spring Showers

Farmers Want More Rain

The rain is giving farmers exactly what they want, moisture for their plants and trees. Oklahomans remember the drought conditions of 2012.

"Take the one that is really dark blue, that just falls off," instructed Bill Jacobs of Owasso Tree and Berry Farm, as he checked his plants for ripe berries.He grows Christmas trees, blueberries and blackberries. Jacobs is proud of this year's blueberry crop.

"The berries are good this year. They're loaded and they're getting ripe. And we are going to start picking on Saturday," he said.

The rainfall has been satisfying to the soul of this garden. "My father used to say it was a million dollar rain, and that was a million dollar rain. I'll tell ya what," said Jacobs, who prefers the rain water, opposed to the irrigation system, which can run his water bill a thousand dollars a month.

"We have twelve thousand Christmas trees, five acres of blackberries and an acre and a half of blueberries. So in a months time it takes a lot of water, 3 or 4 hundred thousand gallons of water," he said.

The rain is priceless and saves Jacobs on his water bill. He says let it rain because his trees and his berries need it.

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