Space Heater the Cause of Fatal House Fire

A late night blaze claimed the life of one Tulsan Sunday and today the Tulsa Fire Department announced the fire was caused by a space heater.

Stan May of TFD said that the space heater was being used too close to combustible items.

It happened near West Pine and North Union on Oklahoma Street around 11:15 p.m. Sunday. Tulsa Fire Department says when they arrived, flames and smoke were coming out of part of the house.

One man was found in the burning home. TFD Public Information Officer Stan May encourages residents to check their fire alarms and to alert them if one is needed.

"If you own your house and you call us, we'll help put one in for you. We'll replace the battery if you can't do that. Whatever we can do to get one in there. If you're renting and you don't have one, you call your landlord. If he doesn't get you one out there that day, we'll call him for you and make sure you get one way or another. We want to make sure everyone has one and it's working," May said.